Our philosophy

Everything from a single hand

To say it beforehand: We consider each horse a family member. Accordingly, "our children" grow up in gentle and appropriate surroundings.
We breed Hannoverian dressage horses and support the very first wobbly steps of the foals. We take them to their first tasks, present them on shows appropriate to their age and train them up to the Grand Prix level. With great success, as we may assure you.

From an early age ...

... we accustom the foals to the halter and rope, walk them on the lead and get them used to the regular blacksmith's visits.
In a well-matched herd, the little ones spend their first three "Kindergarden years". The individual supplement feeding with concentrates and minerals, tying them for meals, bringing them to the field and the daily inspection round to the fields during the summer months are totally self-evident.

Reaching the goal with patience and consequence

Reaching the third year of their lifes, it is about time for the offspring to grow up and to be broken in. Getting used to external influences as well as the rider are the basics in the curriculum of our first graders.
Our regular training with plastic bags, canvas covers, rattling noises, umbrellas etc is supposed to get our young horses used to external influences. And this works pretty well.
Riding on our outdoor ring and the on-site race track broaden their horizont and it helps them to transfer the new skills into every day life. And this just brings the goal of our first year of training to the point.

Climbing the ladder bit by bit while having fun

A first well selected excursion to the show ring takes place for our four-year-olds. The device is: Just having a look beyond the own nose, getting to know a new environment and maybe even collect a few ribbons. Ex ante trailer training is incessant. We do not want surprising delay for horse and rider on the first show day.
In the following years, we guide our elementary-school-horses through the miscellaneous classes for young horses on the way to dressage sports, we train them further until they reach the difficult classes. In the process of training, it quickly shows, which horse will be suitable for building a long term successful team with which rider.

Letting decisions ripen and making them with a confident gut instinct

By correctly rating horse and rider, we want to provide for your long term fun in equestrian sports. Regardless of whether you have show ambitions or simply enjoy riding - you can get to know your horse in peaceful and familiar atmosphere.

Aging with dignity

Some of our companions have been with us for quite a while. As a matter of course, they get to age with dignity with us. Ponies, former sports horses as well as brood mares enjoy their daily pasture time. And we really do all we can in order to have them by our side for as long as possible.